Dyneema Kitesurfing Kite Lines 4 X 20M 1000lb/453kg

$79.99 USD

Dyneema® is a registered trade name of the Dutch company DSM Dyneema, B.V. They have a factory in Greenville, NC, U.S.A. All the European brands of kiteline sets that we know of are made of Dyneema. Made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, or UHMWPE fibers. The following shared characteristics make them perfect for kite lines and bridles.

• Being slender for their strength, they offer less aerodynamic drag than other types of line
• They are more abrasion resistant than high carbon steel
• They are resistant to UV light
• They exhibit very low stretch compared to nylon or Dacron lines
• Pre-stretched and Pre-sleeved
• 1.8mm diameter with 1000lb/453kg breaking strain
• 4pcs of 20m long kite lines with each one colour coded (1 x red, 1 x blue, 2 x grey)

This listing is for 1set of the Dyneema® kite lines 4 X 20M with FREE line adjusters/pigtails.

Dyneema kitesurfing kite line
Dyneema kitesurfing kite line
Dyneema kitesurfing kite line