BRAVO patented dual action 18Inch kite pump

$55.99 USD

This 18" shaft double action pump is made of high quality by world-famous brand BRAVO®. It is the kite pump Maelstorm is using for its AFFLICTION water kites, and other kite brands like Nobile using for their kites. It is strong, light weight and convenient for carrying or travelling.

• Double action for double efficiency: inflation and deflation.
Reduced effort device: automatic switch from double to single action over 400mbar(5.8psi).
• 18inch(around 45cm) high durability aluminum shaft.
• Equipped with sand protection and leash to fasten the kite.
• 3 tip fittings suitable to inflate and deflate kites of all sizes.
• This listing includes 1 kite pump, 1 kite pump lanyard, 3 tip fittings

This listing is for 1pcs of the BRAVO® dual action 18" kite pump.

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